Moroccan Rugs Manufacturing Process

1. Sourcing the Wool: The wool used to make a Moroccan rug is sourced from local sheep, which are bred for the specific purpose of creating wool for rug making. This wool is then cleaned, carded, and separated into various grades.

2. Dyeing the Wool: Once the wool has been sourced and prepared, it is then dyed to the desired color. Natural dyes, such as vegetable or mineral dyes, are used to create a range of colors and shades.

3. Spinning the Wool: The dyed wool is then spun into yarn of various thicknesses, depending on the desired finished look of the rug.

4. Weaving the Rug: The yarn is then woven into the rug on a loom. The weaver uses a variety of techniques to create the desired pattern, such as knotting and looping.

5. Finishing the Rug: The rug is then finished to give it a polished look. This can include trimming, adding fringe, and washing the rug with natural dyes.

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