Beni Ouarain rug Berbères symbol

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Beni Ouarain rug Berbères symbol.
This hand-knotted wool rug with ivory-white color brings a touch of tradition to any place you call home.
A rug with the geometrical symbols of the Berber tribe Beni Ouarain.
Our timeless rugs are woven in a sustainable way and are designed to stand the test of time.

Size FT: 7′ 5″ x 11′ 4″
Size CM: 230 cm x 350 cm

Color: ivory white, Black
Material: 100% Premium Natural Wool
Age: New
Pile: Medium/Long
Handmade in Morocco

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Easy Housekeeping & Maintenance

Regular maintenance
Do not hesitate to turn it over and shake it regularly.
Exposed to the sun 3 times a year.
In case of a stain, clean immediately with water and Natural soap.
You can also entrust it to your dry cleaners, ensuring they have a subcontractor specialized in carpet cleaning.

Do Moroccan rugs shed a lot?

Your carpet may lose hair for a fortnight after your purchase, this is entirely normal.
Loose fibers are common, clip them with scissors.
All rugs are individually inspected and washed before leaving our warehouse.

Are Beni Ourain rugs durable?

A lifetime.
A genuine hand-made Moroccan rug will not be the cheapest rug on the market.
but will last you a lifetime compared to a cheap machine-made rug which will only last you a few years.

What is Beni Ourain rugs?

A Beni Ouarain rug and a rug manufactured by the women of the Beni Ouarain tribe.
This tribe lives close to the Tazekka National Park and the Moroccan town of Taza.

Are Beni Ourain rugs soft?

There is no question that Beni Ouarain carpets are very soft.
The two tribes that make the sweetest carpets are the Beni M’Rit and Beni Ouarain.
For a Moroccan rug to be really soft, it has to be woven with lambskin wool.
And also depends heavily on the amount of washing and brushing the carpet has received after weaving.

How are Beni Ourain rugs made?

Sheep are sheared in summer.
The wool is washed and dried repeatedly in the Atlas rivers.
Once the wool is dry, it is spun and converted into threads.
The threads used to weave the carpets are left natural or stained with local plants.
Berber women started implementing the woven loom.
And the time-consuming process of weaving begins.
If the carpet is large, the woman who weaves the carpet can be helped by one or two friends, it will take them between four and six weeks of work to finish weaving a work of art. then 2 weeks for multiple washings, blow drying, and final drying.


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